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Interviews, Our Members

What is your role at Roblawmax Recruitment? How long have you been there and what do you enjoy most about your job?

I’m a Senior Consultant within the residential sector – the house builders. I’ve just re-joined Roblawmax Recruitment after spending three years in London. I’ve been back for six weeks, so it’s a new start.


Describe what 2016 means for you and Roblawmax Recruitment:

For myself, 2016 means growing my own brand inside Roblawmax Auckland and establishing myself within the Auckland market having returned from the UK. For Roblawmax Recruitment, 2016 will be about continuing our solid growth and furthering our presence as a premier supplier to the NZ Construction and Engineering market.

What Generator facilities make things easier for you on a daily basis?

The lounge and bar are great, as are the meeting rooms. And our new office – the stand-up desks really make a difference, you really feel like getting up and working.

Give us a fun fact about yourself.

Johnathon Thurston spoke at my wedding. He is a mate of a mate and one of my favourite players in the NRL.

What’s your spirit animal?

It would have to be a dog, I love dogs. My wife has a ‘take your dog to work day’ every Friday. We’re planning on getting a groodle – it’s a cross between a golden retriever and a poodle. I can’t wait.

If you could trade places with any other person for a week – real, fictional, living or dead – who would you choose?

Definitely Johnathan Thurston – he’s the best player in the world.

What three traits define you?

I don’t stress, I’m punctual and I’m easy going. A simple man!


Interviews, Our Members

Matt is originally from the Hawke’s Bay and has recently moved up to Auckland to seek opportunity and grasp the potential of growth for his business. He has been a taxation specialist for eleven years, including nine years working for Inland Revenue in the international and complex taxation areas and made the decision to head out on his own.



‘Many people think we just do Accounting, but in fact we have several different businesses that offer services ranging from general compliance and accounting, Inland Revenue audit & debt management, international taxation, property tax returns, mortgages and Trusts’ and all of our businesses are technology driven and operate from online platforms.

Matt and his business partner Simon run Navigator Accounting, for now Simon is based in the Napier office but plans to move up to Auckland to join Matt in the near future. Matt has been with Navigator Accounting for a year but the business has been running for two, he enjoys helping people get out of trouble with Inland Revenue and helping people sort their tax issues and likes to take an informal approach so his clients feel comfortable.

If Generator were a car what would it be?
It would definitely be a European vehicle. On some days it’s a Porsche and on others it’s a Bentley!

If you were a famous person who would you be and why?
I would be Elon Musk. I admire him as a businessman and his vision to change the world and humanity through sustainable energy. I would also like to figure out what planet he is from!

How long have you been in the business and what do you enjoy most about your job?
Matt has been with Navigator Accounting for a year but the business has been running for two, he enjoys helping people get out of trouble with Inland Revenue and helping people sort their tax issues and likes to take an informal approach so his clients feel comfortable.

So far what Generator facilities make things easier for you on a daily basis?
Reception, having your clients greeted and looked after. Generator is run really well, if I ever have a problem it is resolved quickly.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself?
I am an identical twin, if he were to come in you wouldn’t necessarily be able to tell the difference.

Describe what 2016 means for you and the company?
Growth and expansion, consolidating presence in Auckland, building momentum, moving forward and making friends along the way.


Interviews, Our Members

Give me a quick overview of Halcyon Knights, what do you do?

Halcyon Knights is an IT&T Executive Search and Recruitment firm – we work with clients and candidates across the APAC region. Aksana & Brooke are co-directors of the NZ operation.

Halcyon Knights stands alone as a powerful brand in a competitive market. Halcyon is a synonym for wealth, prosperity and good times. A Knight, is an icon of leadership, strength and solidarity. We are committed to delivering results. Halcyon Knights has placed over 1500 professionals across sales, presales, delivery, marketing, digital and leadership in the IT Vendor and Services environment sector within ANZ over the past 9 years.

They specialize in IT Executive Search & Permanent Recruitment, IT Vendor Recruitment, Cloud, Infrastructure and Project Services (CIPS), Commercial/Executive Recruitment, Digital Recruitment, Management Consulting, Technical and Contract Recruitment.


Tell us a bit more about yourselves!

Aksana’s role is that of a Director at Halcyon Knights – NZ. She is an experienced IT/ Technology Search Consultant and a savvy business leader that has been in the recruitment arena for over 12 years.


Aksana deals with all types of ICT, digital and heavily-focused tech roles starting all the way from Developers (both Microsoft and Open Source), Testers (manual and automated), BAs, PMs, Technical Consultants, Solution Architects, EAs, Infrastructure Architects and Systems Engineers, all the way through to senior C-level roles, e.g. CTO, CEO, CDO, CIO, COO, etc. There is no role that she cannot fill.

Brooke has a background in BI sales and 5 + years regional recruitment consulting experience which extends throughout Asia Pacific. Brooke’s regional network allows her to leverage a much greater talent pool when clients are experiencing talent shortages in the ANZ market or are looking to enter new markets in the region.

Brooke has placed mid to senior level talent into IT&T vendors, service providers, financial services, management consulting, advertising, digital/online businesses as well as large corporates and start-ups across Asia Pacific

Specialities: Information Services, Solution Sales, Business Intelligence, Software, Cloud, Analytics, Mobility, Security/Storage, Risk/AML, Strategy, Product, Marketing, Digital, Transformation, eCommerce, Consulting, Telco and Executive/MD level appointments.

Describe what 2016 means for you and Halcyon Knights?
Aksana and Brooke: 2016 is all about growth, working hard and brand awareness we hope to mirror the Australian business and collaborate with regional offices.

So far what Generator facilities make things easier for you on a daily basis?
Generator is a true connector, it’s a business hub. We love the fact that we are able to hold events and to attend the many held here. We plan to have our office launch here at Generator in the next few months – so watch this space!
We enjoy the flexibility to use the break out spaces for meetings, the Wi-Fi which is accessible all around Generator and the relaxed environment. Thanks Generator for the social atmosphere – you have made us feel welcome and we are sincerely grateful!

What is a fun fact about yourself?
Aksana: People say I am a great baker but find it funny that I never eat my own baking.
I am a VP of Membership at The Early Birds Toastmasters Club at ASB. I help to manage and to run this Toastmasters Club and I am a keen salsa dancer too.
Brooke: I love to network. I’m a bit of a foodie. When I’m not working I’m usually out on the water or at the beach.

How long have you been with Halcyon Knights and what’s your favourite part of the job?
Brooke: I opened the Auckland office in Mid-March.
Our leadership team is so collaborative, supportive and it was great being given the tools to shape the business the way we wanted to.
Aksana: I have started with Halcyon Knights in late May and it has been an exciting journey. The founders – Lincoln Benbow and Marcus Lunch – work very hard and are truly inspirational leaders. In fact, they were one of the main reasons why I have decided to join “The Knightery”. Lincoln and Marcus are true visionaries. I’d like to ‘mirror’ their success and help them and us make Halcyon Knights a true connector in the IT industry and a global tech recruitment partner of choice.
Another thing that stands out about the HK company is the people.
The team are very personable and professional. They are all true experts in their fields – the HR, the PR & Marketing Manager, all of them!…
Finally, the company has great values – honesty, sincerity, respect and hard work. All of them are my core values too. I could not pick a better place to work in.

If you were a famous person who would you be and why? OR – who inspires you?
Brooke: I look up to powerful women in tech – majority of the top technology businesses have all male leadership at c-level and this is starting to change as businesses see the value of adding diversity to their teams
Aksana: I look up to an ex-client of mine, Alexandra Babitcheva. She has been my mentor for years. She is a dedicated individual, a very hard worker and a great female leader whom I aspire to and am very grateful that I got to work alongside her.