Where are you from? (Country, county, city, town)
Ballincollig, Co.Cork, Ireland.
Town about 10-15 minutes from Cork City but still relatively close to the country side.

What brought you to NZ / how long have you been living here?

It was a decision between here or Australia. Myself and a group of friends chatted about it back and forth over a number of months primarily on nights out. Ultimately, we were undecided and made the decision by going to the place where less people we knew had been (road less travelled and all that). NZ appealed to us because of the activities and access to them.
Initially I came on a year working holiday visa but like most people who venture over it has extended. I got here in 2016.. so it’s been a pretty long holiday to say the least.

What do you miss most about home?

It sounds cliché but definitely family and friends. NZ is very far away, and time zones makes it difficult.
Luckily there is as great Irish community in Wellington and all-over New Zealand so we are all in the same boat!

On a less sombre note: The sarcasm! Irish people are well known for this, and it is my sense of humour entirely. People there have a particular way of very kindly ripping into you which is how you tell who your real friends are!

What about 30 Waring Taylor excites you the most?
Wellington is home to so many fun and innovative business’s. Being able to bring them together under one roof will make the energy and atmosphere so positive that it’s something to look forward too.

What’s your star sign?

Virgo. After a quick google it apparently means a negative trait of mine is overthinking. Which I can certainly agree with. Or maybe I don’t. I’m not too sure. Let me sleep on it and get back.

What TV show are you hooked on right now?

Much to my surprise I have been binging Clarkson’s farm. It shouldn’t be enjoyable, but it is. He looks so lost and confused half the time that it makes for a good viewing.
I was when growing up always a fan of a good cheesy show. I have no shame in admitting I watched every episode of One tree hill.

Favourite genre of music?

My music taste depends on the day’s mood! Everything from funk to blues, soul and indie. Music wise I am an old soul likely found listening to past greats and ideally unplugged versions. My own guitar tens to sit and gather dust as I gradually give up on being a international sensation

What's your party trick?

Making a mean espresso martini.
I am also very confident in my beer pong skills and will lay down the challenge to anyone!

Simpsons or Family Guy?

Would have watched more Simpsons growing up

What are your hobbies?

Hurling, Fishing, Camping, Football, Snowboarding

What’s your favourite tipple?

Can’t beat a creamy Guinness! Ideally nestled by a wood fire with good mates chatting nonsense

What’s a pet peeve?

When people are late !!!

What are you really good at?

No one has died from my cooking

What do you do when you're not at work?

Usually pretty busy with training’ for the sports I play.
If the weather plays nice then it’s out in the kayak to catch some dinner.
Weekend’s away camping with friends during the summer.

Favourite place you've travelled to?

Samoa. It is such a cool place and still maintains so much beauty. For the most part it didn’t feel too touristy which was a plus.