We are excited to share with you a brand new version of GenHUB. As many of you know, this platform allows you to connect with other members, book all of your meeting rooms and hot desks as well as whole lot of other useful stuff. Check out the new features in the page below to learn more about the new version. Let the team know if you have any questions.

User friendly dashboard

The new dashboard makes it super easy to make and view upcoming bookings.

Visual of your meeting room

Ever wondered what meeting room you were in? We now have pictures of the rooms on Genhub so you can see which room it is before you book. These also include the room capacities.

Pick your spot

There's a new option to see the floor plan when booking your hot desks. You can now see a map of the area to select your favourite spot.

View your most recent invoices

You can now view your last 3 invoices from the dashboard and have quick access to view all other previous invoices.

Easy 'how to' guide

In the top right hand corner, there is an easily accessible link to a 'how to guide'. If you are ever confused, click here and you'll learn exactly what to do next.