Dedicated Office

"Skate where the puck is going to be."
Wayne Gretzky

Great business leaders Generate great business models.

Looking for a better way of doing business? How about flexible shared spaces offering all the pluses of coworking but with you located in the sanctuary of enclosed offices in the heart of the innovative ecosystem.

For established businesses ready to shift to a more efficient, more flexible workspace model, the dedicated office suites across the Generator ecosystem offer all you will need. From industrial chic to creative collisions to corporate contemporary, explore the terrain and locate the perfect place for your brands new home. Offering office as a service Generator is the plug-and-play business solution.

Looking for the Uber of office models? This is your way to achieving flexibility, productivity and improved profitability.

Amenities: So much more than shared space.

 CasualHot DeskResidentDedicated Office
Stunning common areas
Onsite bar & Café
Concierge on hand
Business printers/copiers
Desks to drop in on
Desks to call home
24/7 access
Meeting rooms
Networking opportunities
Genhub access

Price Comparison

Our corporate membership team will work with you to set up the solution you need. If it is relocation, we can offer private office suites, full floors, or your own building. if it's an offsite retreat you need, we also offer ideal spaces for workshops and planning sessions, to gather distributed teams to work at a central location, or discreet options for an executive escape. Each corporate solution is individually tailored for you and your team.

Key Benefits

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