The New Zealand Investment Centre

Accelerating growth of high-value innovation.

The NZIIC role is to coordinate end-to-end investment into New Zealand's best high-value, high-tech innovation.

We offer a world-class membership facility for qualifying domestic and international investors seeking to grow and develop innovative New Zealand companies. NZIIC works for investor members across four key areas:

  • Providing market intelligence and performance data across emerging technologies, market sectors and territories
  • Identification and classification of investment opportunity projects across a spectrum of risk and scale
  • Coordination of bets match investment opportunities between investors and innovators
  • Network connection to key offshore organisations and institutions with a complementary innovation focus.

Member participation in the NZIIC is tiered to meet investor’s needs and appetite.

  • For investors seeking casual or remote participation, a fully integrated online investment software application allows users to assess deal flow, undertake due diligence, access remote data rooms and participate in funding rounds.
  • For investors and institutions seeking to fully immerse in New Zealand’s Innovation Precinct, GridAKL, the NZIIC offers co-located premium full-service office suites, including an events area, bar, integrated ICT, concierge and 24-hour security.

NZIC operates under an independent board whose role is to actively encourage diversity of member, Iwi investment, Direct Foreign Investment and the dissemination of high quality economic growth related data.