Whatever the occasion, make it an event.

What are your building hours? When are you open?

Generator teams are generally onsite between 8.30 AM – 5.30 PM local time Monday through Friday at all locations. Though you’ll often find them around after hours. Hard working lot.

For members with Resident Memberships or Private offices, your membership card gives you 24/7 access. You can work whenever you feel like it. Go nuts.

Am I allowed to bring my dog? What's your pet policy?

Our pet policy varies by site. Ask your Generator guide when you take a tour for the most up-to-date information. A heads up: If you plan on bringing a pet to the building, you will be the person responsible for any injury or damage caused by said pet to other members or their property.  So please make sure it’s a very well mannered furry friend. And we can’t take responsibility for any injury to any pet brought into a Generator building. So, you know, if someone’s dog were to eat your rabbit… Just in case you have a truly terrifying proposition of a pet we reserve the right to restrict your ability to bring in a pet at our discretion. Oh, and one other thing. Any pet brought into a Generator space must be vaccinated and toilet trained.

Can guests visit me in my private office?

Yes. They will just need to sign in with our lovely Member Concierge on arrival.

As a generator member, do I get access to all sites?

Yes, for a small fee on top of your monthly membership. Chat to your Community Manager to arrange your roaming life.

I am a current Generator member and love my space! I want to spread the word, does Generator give referral rewards?

Yes! Our referral program rewards Generator members with vouchers for every successful referral and from time to time we run referral campaigns, with travel prizes up for grabs. Fancy a trip?

My company has grown out of its current space. Will Generator allow our team to grow?

Yes! The beauty of Generator is that we allow you to be fully flexible. Having exciting thoughts about adding desks or moving into larger spaces? You can. Feel like throwing off some of the responsibility and downsizing? We can accommodate. We are here to help you find the space to fit your aspirations.

Is there a portal where I can access our invoices, make bookings etc.?

You can gaze fondly on your monthly invoices and membership details all you like on GenHub. All Generator members are given a personal login to this handy service that also allows you to book meeting rooms, network with other members and keep up to date member events, general happenings, when drinks are – all you need to know.

What is a Casual?

A free spirited individual that likes to roam from place to place with no fixed working abode.

What is the difference between a hot desk, a resident coworking desk and a resident private office?

A Hot Desk is a shared workspace in a collective area. There’s no need to book in advance, you can come and go as you need and use any available desk, you free spirit you.

A Resident Coworking Desk is your personally assigned workspace in a large open area shared with other members. This dedicated space comes with a lockable filing cabinet for your personal belongings. Desktop computers can be set up and left. There are lots of spaces to make private phone calls if you need to. Ah. Home.

A Resident Private Office is a fully enclosed, lockable space built for a team that ranges in size from small [10 or less] to medium [10 to 20] to large [20 plus to a whole floor]. You can add on offices as you grow or move into larger spaces depending on your requirements. Have a chat with our team about custom-built spaces for larger teams, or shy types who need to retreat now and then.

What is workspace?

A daily workspace is designated seating in a shared desk area that has ample seating, work surfaces and access to power.

Can I stop in to have a look around or should I make an appointment?

Of course you can. But tours must be scheduled in advance. This makes sure we are available to give you all the love and attention you deserve, you gorgeous thing you. To book a tour, just call us.

Do you have a day rate for non-members?

We do and we’d love to have you here. Pop into anyone of our Generator sites during our business hours and work from one our lounges. Our half day rate is $50 (max. 4.5 hours) and our full day rate is $90 (max. 9 hours)