Published on 31 March 2020

Working from home when you’re juggling family, flatmates, pets, the call of Netflix and the crazy times we are living in isn’t easy. After a week of WFH during Covid -19, here are the Generator teams top tips.

Create a permanent workspace (away from your bedroom)

Your home is now your work away from work. Create a permanent workspace - a definitive space away from your place of relaxation. Don’t associate a place of peace with a place of work, keep that sacred.

Set yourself work hours

Whether you're an early bird that catches the worms, or a night owl when the kids are asleep - set yourself some realistic work hours that align with when you're most productive.

Get dressed in the morning & make your bed

It’s amazing how such a simple task can bring about such great benefits. Give it a try! You’ll feel set up for the day already having achieved productivity before the day even begins. As tempting as it is to work in your PJ's for the day, pleeeeaaase for everyone's sake get dressed in the morning - sleeping naked isn't the norm for everyone!

Turn the radio or a playlist on!

Turn up! Generator is always playing some funky beats lightly in the background as you work, so re-create that in your home. A little bit of noise can actually make you a lot more productive without realising it. Here are some of the playlists that we play across our sites that you could tune into to feel like you're at work:
Morning motivation
- Spotify
Chill Vibes
- Spotify
Legendary Kiwi Classics
- Spotify
Have a Great Day!
- Spotify

Exercise and stretch regularly

With time-pressed days, back to back meetings and short lunch breaks we wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to exercise throughout the day. But now with a flexible schedule we have complete autonomy with how our work day pans out. Moving your body in the day will give you a boost of energy and break up your work day.

Big C's!!

Communication should become your best friend. You might feel more distant than ever but please don't - we want you to feel as connected as you can. The office jokes and after work drinks can still happen with your colleagues, just lock in a time and dial in! We use Google hangouts but you can also use Facetime, or Zoom.

Eat well

It's easy to rummage through the pantry/fridge especially with a cupboard full of your favourite snacks... but try to fuel your mind and body with good food. Smoothies or banana protein pancakes are great options.

Pick a fun goal to track daily for the next month

For Renee from Generator, she’s practising a handstand everyday and observing how her strength improves. For her friend and chef Teresa, hers is re-creating a brunch dish from local Auckland cafe’s every day. For you it could be practising latte art, learning how to longboard, or drawing for mindfulness. Pick something fun and enjoyable because teaching yourself something new is immensely rewarding.

Thanks to the Generator team and the plethora of WFH tips available online now for this sage advice.