Published on 17 January 2020

Kathryn is a Director at Blue Sky Recruitment, based at Britomart Place. Her infectious energy and love of fine wine and yoga means she really gets into all the Generator community offers.

How did you come to choose Generator shared work space? What insights did your market research reveal on the local co-working spaces sector?

We were looking for office space for about 6 months. A commercial real estate agent introduced to Generator - we did the virtual tour before Britomart Place was open and liked the concept of a shared working space. For us, we felt that because we are a small recruitment company being in our own office was too isolating, so the idea of Generator really appealed. The virtual tour was a great way to show a visual introduction to what the Britomart Place site looked like, long before it opened.

What do you think are the keys to a successful tenancy at a shared work space facility like Generator? What insights can you share to help inform other prospective tenants?

The staff at Generator are engaged and encourage members (in a positive way) to be a part of a community of people which we at Blue Sky Recruitment love. Shared work space works really well when you get a group of people who enjoy being in a space where they can engage with each other and enjoy each other's company both on a professional level and a personal level - this sense of community brings people together and makes work far more enjoyable.

How have you found your time at Generator? Can you share any stories that demonstrate the benefits of working in such an environment?

We love being at Generator - the staff are great and really focus on encouraging the community spirit - acknowledging our birthdays and the monthly social calendar are some examples - however, for us Generator staff play a big part in making the shared work space a success for us

Our clients and candidates love coming to Generator - the great space and the sense of community has definitely been a big plus for us and our business. Also connecting with other small businesses here at the Generator has been great too.

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