Published on 29 January 2020 by Ed McKnight

In this blog, Generator Member, Ed McKnight shares what it’s like to be a member at Generator Stanbeth-Excelsior House.

"I originally came here with one company, which stayed for a year then moved out. So, naturally being a Generator fan-boy, I changed jobs and moved to another company that was still here"

What It's Like to Be a Generator Member.

Being a member at Generator isn't about the building or space.

Sure, you come here because you need an office ... but you stay because of the family.

Last month we all had Christmas mimosas together, we went out for lunch with the business next to us (and were invited to their Christmas party at the Herne Bay Petanque Club) and played table tennis with whoever was willing to pick up a bat.

It’s amazing.

One way the Gen-team builds that community is through regular member-led events.

Being one of the chattier Generator members I've done a few of these.

And when we launched a new part to our business, helping first home buyers buy their first property, some of the team asked if we could do a presentation to help other young members.

What a Member Spotlight Event Is Like

Although the space is amazing, what makes a member spotlight event really special is that members turn up and support each other.

Sasha from Artemis Executive Recruitment brought her partner along, a few members came across from Britomart Place … someone even turned up with their dog.

They didn’t come just to learn about buying property, but because the Generator staff went through the whole building that day telling everyone about the event. They really got behind us.

They even let me ride through the building on a bike.

What makes me so willing to get behind Generator is that they're willing to get behind us.

The thing I’ve got to say is if you’re thinking of hosting an event or are looking for office space, Generator is a great place to start … and if you’re already here and are wondering whether to come to the next Member Spotlight – get up from your desk and come.

P.S. If you want to learn more about how to get a mortgage, you can also check out the guides on our website or use our handy mortgage calculator. Just saying.