Published on 31 August 2020

In July, we asked members to complete a survey about how they were finding being back at Generator after Lockdown 1.0. Take a look at some of the results.

In July, we asked members to complete a survey about how they were finding being back at Generator after Lockdown 1.0.

We hadn’t shared those results with you before Lockdown 2.0 struck (Come on Covid!)

But that isn’t such bad thing. As members return this week under Alert Level 2 its timely to remind you how you were feeling back in those blissful Covid-free weeks.

We even made a wee video to get you in the mood for being back at Generator – enjoy!

If stats are more your thing, here are some of the top line results:

59% of respondents couldn’t wait to be back in the office or were pleased to be back – and under 4% were dreading returning.

Once you were back, 66% of respondents were loving being back or told us it felt good to be back.

When asked what the biggest benefit to returning was, we got a whole lot of answers – a few picked at random include:

“The accidental conversation that stimulates ideas...”

“Having a dedicated work environment and socialising with colleagues and peers.”

“The ability for our senior team members to work with / get the best out of our more junior members.”

“Hanging out with my work mates and collaborating on new initiatives etc.... It's more likely that we will come up with a great idea or initiative when we are together in person than when we are working remotely.”

Overwhelmingly most of your answers focused on the benefits of face to face interaction, collaboration and socialisation to your business. And we can’t help but agree – after all that is what Generator is built on.

The second wave of Covid in New Zealand may have dented confidence, but to time travel back to July, 57% of respondents answered that they were feeling positive about the outlook for their business over the next 6 months and only 15% were feeling uncertain. We truly hope you are still feeling as positive as we move forward from the most recent lockdown.

Finally, flexible working is the new normal! Around 29% of you answered that a balance of office and working from home is the ideal. For around 54% of respondents, you already worked flexibly, or you are encouraged to work flexibly by your employers and the lockdown established trust between employees and employers about productivity at home.
We love that - Generator members are ahead of the pack when it comes to flexible working, it’s just taken a global pandemic for the rest of the world to catch up…