Nick Everitt is the New Zealand-based Business Manager for IML (Institute of Managers and Leaders). It’s a Trans-Tasman not-for-profit with around 50 employees across New Zealand and Australia. Currently, Nick is the only staff member based in New Zealand. Belonging to Generator means working in an environment where he feels motivated to be productive and can build relationships with the Generator community. Plus, he has the flexibility to work from multiple locations across Auckland and Wellington. For Nick, it’s all taken care of at Generator.

The 80-year-old startup

IML formed out of the merging of NZ Institute of Management (NZIM) and its Australian counterpart AIM in 2018. As a professional institute there has always been a focus on providing a community for managers to grow their network, develop skills and show their commitment to professional standards. Since the merger, the Institute’s mission has been to support businesses across Aotearoa to improve the capability, skills and confidence of their leaders – to help transform workplace culture and drive higher levels of engagement through a range of learning and development solutions.

Nick started working with IML in June 2019, and is passionate about the organisation’s vision to create better leaders who, in turn, will create a better society.

He says the business is, in a sense, going through a “startup or growth phase”.

“We’ve been around for 80 years as a professional body, but our current approach to learning and development solutions and consulting services was only launched in New Zealand in 2021 and that’s the area that is experiencing great momentum.”

IML provides a range of courses and programmes that focus on developing “people skills”. Nick says he doesn’t agree with the term “soft skills”, as these competencies are often the most difficult to develop and are highly sought after when hiring staff into leadership positions. They work with businesses to overcome challenges and manage their teams more effectively.

He says, “organisations come to us with a specific need. We partner with them to deliver the right solution for their people, and as part of our ongoing support they join our Member community. And as a Member, they then have access to further support and connections through our network and ongoing development and resources.”

The majority of the IML team is based in Brisbane, Australia. But there are others spread across Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Nick is currently the only employee based in New Zealand.

Because of that, it was important for him to find the right space to set himself up in. Generator was the logical choice, as it provides everything he needs to do business effectively: flexibility, community, and all the facilities he needs.

Event spaces make clients say “wow”

IML makes excellent use of the Generator event spaces. “When we’re running public leadership programmes, we use event spaces across the three Auckland sites,” he says.

This is crucial to IML, allowing it to treat Generator’s purpose-built venues in CBD locations as their own, without the huge CapEx required to develop their own.

“We get the best of both worlds by being here at Generator,” says Nick. “When I bring clients in here, they’re always impressed that we’re in the centre of Auckland in nice buildings with stunning views. It works for us!”

Nick says that there’s plenty of cross-pollination between Generator events and the IML events that he holds in Generator spaces. “I invite Generator community members to my events, and I invite my clients to Generator events,” he says. So, it becomes both a networking and a business opportunity.

“Flexibility is one of the biggest benefits. I can move around and wherever I need to be, I’ve got a Generator home.”

Plug in and go without missing a beat

Nick truly appreciates that it’s all taken care of at Generator. He’s got a resident desk, a community, and a base at any of Generator’s five sites in Auckland and Wellington when he needs it.

“I’m a creature of habit and I like routine,” says Nick. “I have a resident desk that’s there for me whenever I need it. I like having my own space.” It means that he can set himself up the way he likes and get to know the people working around him.

He’s got access to all the facilities on offer, so he doesn’t have to worry about things like making sure there’s paper in the printer and coffee in the kitchen. “If it weren’t for Generator, if I were to go out and try to find an office space and set it all up, it’d be a big pain,” he says.

Character-rich spaces for all sorts of characters

In June 2019 when he was getting set up, Nick visited the three Auckland locations: Britomart Place, Madden Street, and Stanbeth House – also in Britomart. “Straight away I knew that Stanbeth House was right for me,” says Nick. “It feels relaxed and friendly. I like the brick walls and all the natural light coming in. I just like the vibe.”

Each of Generator’s sites have a very different character, and he uses that to his advantage when he’s meeting with clients. “If I’ve got a client who I feel would respond well to the corporate vibe, I’ll take them to Britomart Place with the beautiful views of the harbour that you get from the lounge area,” says Nick.

A home on the go

He also loves the flexibility that Generator provides. He makes good use of the three Auckland locations, as well as the Wellington sites when he’s on the move.

In Wellington, he’s got the choice of two different sites where he can set up for the day. There’s Bowen Campus, near Parliament, and Waring Taylor Street, just off Lambton Quay. So, wherever he needs to be, he can book a hot-desk space, use the meeting rooms, or grab a flat white at the cafe with clients.

“Flexibility is one of the biggest benefits. I can move around and wherever I need to be, I’ve got a Generator home.

“Being in this environment is motivating. There are really passionate people around me, and I can feed off that energy, it helps me to perform. When I'm here, I’m more focused and more productive.”

It’s all about the people

To Nick, Stanbeth House feels like home. “It’s hard to imagine being anywhere else. I feel like I belong here. I’ve built really good relationships with the Generator staff and because I don’t have any colleagues here with me, I really lean on them.”

He says the community at Generator is equally important.

“The community vibe is good. There’s a group of members who are here with me every day so we’ve built really solid relationships.”

“I obviously don’t come into Generator to collaborate with my colleagues,” says Nick. “I come here so that I stay sane. I come for socialisation. I’m a people person, so working from home all the time isn’t the right approach for me and my wellbeing.”

Getting stuff done

Part of Nick’s role is sales and he says having the buzz of others working hard and building their business is good for his productivity.

“Being in this environment is motivating. There are really passionate people around me, and I can feed off that energy, it helps me to perform. When I'm here, I’m more focused and more productive.”

Generator’s got it all

Nick says he can’t imagine a better alternative to Generator for IML. Generator provides the perfect solution for small and medium-sized businesses, like IML. It means that they don’t have to invest in an office fitout, or keep the stationery and teabags topped up. The OpEx is consistent and predictable and all the admin is taken care of. For IML, the premium locations and buildings lend kudos to its brand. And for Nick, there’s the benefit of a ready-made business community he is very much a part of.