Published on 23 April 2024

Each month, we'll spotlight a standout member of our Generator community.

Members will have the chance to learn more about the wider Generator community, offering further insights into the daily activities of various companies and Generator members that you may not have had the chance to meet yet.

Humans of Generator: Hannah Yen - Toitū Envirocare

Generator Bowen, Wellington

I joined Toitū Envirocare as an Account Manager in September 2023.

My day-to-day involves working with clients to improve their environmental performance through carbon emission measurement and management.

Toitū Envirocare’s origins are in science; our future is in environmental regeneration and economic sustainability. We are here to lead and guide positive change with a system of robust environmental programmes that are internationally recognised. We help businesses be more sustainable by giving them the science-based tools, actions, and evidence they need to make real progress.

Toitū Envirocare is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Manaaki Whenua – Land Care Research, a Government-owned Crown Research Institute. Toitū Envirocare is also a Certified B Corporation.

About Us | Toitū Envirocare (

Best thing about your business?

Toitūians walk the talk. We are here to make an impactful difference. It is great to work with many passionate and committed colleagues who thrive on our work and on being the changes we want to see.

Whats your favourite part about working in the Generator Offices?

Helen. It is always a lovely surprise when Helen pops into the office to check in. Helen brings the Generator whanau together by planning many social and charity events. She brings infectious energy with her killer hospitality and smiles!

What’s something you’re currently trying to make a habit?

Take a half-an-hour (minimum) walk during the day, take a wee break from the monitor, and stretch my legs and mind.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

It’s ok to change your mind. It is a strength that shows your capacity to learn, adapt and grow.


A book recommendation:

Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know ― Adam Grant

Humans of Generator: Marti, Professional Builders

Generator Britomart Place

Marti has been the Marketing Manager for Honda Motorcycles NZ, the Country Manager for Pirelli Tyres NZ, New Zealand’s top-ranked business coach for Action Coach (ranked #2 in the world). He’s also started & grown several seven-figure companies of his own.

Since 2004, Marti has been devoted to helping residential construction companies to systemise and scale their businesses, take control of their numbers & finances, make a truck load of money and buy back days of their personal time each week.

Marti and his team have worked with over 2,369+ business owners. Members have included Deloitte Fast 50 Winners; featured builders from The Block & Grand Designs; countless Master Builders Award Winners; and industry leading titans.

What goals does your business have for 2024?

World Domination

Best thing about your business?
Our awesome team

What’s your favourite part about working in the Generator Offices?

1. The view

2. The Generator team all ROCK! (Especially Sam and Albe)

3. Ice Baths

4. Coffees

What top tips do you have for new Generator members?
Dont eat yellow snow

What has been your favourite Community event you attended?
Ice Baths!!!

Chosen karaoke song?

Iron Maiden - Run to the hills

If you could quickly learn any skill, what would it be?

World Class Hiring & The Guitar

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
If it is to be, its up to me