Tell us a little bit about KIWA Digital

Kiwa is a world leading cultural creative agency operating in the 'new' media industry at the cutting edge of quality content delivery. It is an industry experiencing massive disruption, driven by the global shift to digital consumption, the introduction of new technologies, increasing dominance of mobile, new business models developed away from the constraints of physical distribution, and above all growing consumer demand for authentic content “when where and how I want it.”

What were you goals for the year of 2022?

Goals for 2022 included:

  • Influencing 15% of the nations workforce with cultural intelligence tools (Apps) particularly for Te Ao Māori and Pacifica
  • Continue to support the Ministry of Education's Te Aho Ngārahu Fund to curate and publish local stories from whānau , hapū and iwi.
  • Develop and license localization software for the global dubbing sector and become the market leader
  • Retain 100% of staff
  • Recruit to evolve and grow our staff diversity profile

Im happy and humbled to report as at Q3 of this financial year we have already achieved these goals. To cap this off we picked up the 2022 New Zealand Trade and Enterprise He kai kei aku ringa for Māori excellence in export in November. This was driven in part by the success of our VoiceQ native and cloud applications which are used by post production studios across the world to localise over 2M minutes of tv, film and video game content per annum. As examples; The worlds most viewed TV series Squid Game was dubbed from Korean to English using VoiceQ. Here in Aotearoa Disney’s Moana, The Lion King and Frozen were dubbed from English into Te Reo Māori

Closer to home we are also proud of our Ministry of Education apps – one series goes back many years for hearing impaired more than 1.2M. downloads globally. Also very proud of near 20 apps produced with iwi/ hapu for Ministry’s Te Aho Ngārahu fund. Then CQ apps such as Waikato Regional Council app won the Supreme Award for Local Government. More recently some of our health sector apps, one in particular, Tuku Iho which was presented at a World Indigenous event in USA.

What song would get you dancing on tables?

Used to be my Girl" by the OJAYS

What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given?

The 3 most important decisions in life to get right are:

  • Your significant partner relationship(s) as you'll spend about a 1/3 of your life with this person /these people
  • Your life vocation as you will spend about a 1/3-1/2 of your life doing this
  • Your bed as spend about a 1/3 of you time sleeping or resting

What’s the best perk about working in the Generator Offices?

Location, interior design, services, cleanliness and friendly helpful staff!

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