Tell us a little bit about Got To Get Out

Got To Get out is a social enterprise adventure group that arranges amazing local trips to get kiwis outdoors and active. I set up Got To Get Out in 2015, after leaving the corporate world. Something you may not know is I've been a Generator member since 'waaay back', In fact, I was one of Generators very first ever members, sometime around 2010, based at Stanbeth House in Britomart. Back then we were running a different company with a larger team with permanent desks, Today my newest venture involves majority volunteers, so I come and go from the Headquarters at Madden St as a casual hot desker, often with a dog or two.

What's a business achievement you're proud of?

Got To Get Out has won a few awards for it's kaupapa (mission) of getting people health and outdoors. Probably the most impressive was winning the Westpac Business Award 'Best in community contribution' for Auckland central, and runner up for the whole region. I was also a semi-finalist for New Zealander of the Year and Kiwibank Local hero, for work around improving peoples mental health by getting outdoors into nature.

What song would get you dancing on tables?

We don't do much table dancing at Got To Get Out! Our dance-floor is our tour bus where we spent a LOT of time, So when we drive to adventures around New Zealand like Mt Ruapehu, guests can expect to hear a lot of 90's anthems from Oasis, Pearl Jam, and Foo Fighters. Also lots of Fat Freddies Drop and Six60 of course

Where are you from?

I live out in Laingholm, near Titirangi. It was ranked by Stuff as one of the 'best suburbs to live in Auckland' and I would agree. It's quiet, close to nature, and I've got space for dogs horses.. and tour buses!

What’s the best piece of advice you've been given?

One of the best pieces of business advice I was given is to 'keep overheads low', Working at Generator (hot desking) means I don't have to pay all those annoying and expensive running costs like power, water, rates, cleaning and so-on. I think being in a shared facility is great for small companies that want to feel 'part of something' but don't have time or money to worry about admin expenses. It's a great vibe working at Generator, and easy!

Learn more about Got To Get Out here.