Published on 16 December 2019

“Business becomes more fun, success comes quicker and you’ll be enabled to do more, better.” Generator General Manager John Moffett chatted to NZBusiness about the shared workspace buzz.

Shared workspaces have been accelerating exponentially across New Zealand’s towns and cities in recent years, so NZBusiness sat down with providers and users to better understand the benefits, the issues, and the realities.

"In the process of researching business stories I’ve visited a number of Auckland’s shared workspaces, and although each has a unique environment and configuration, I’ve noticed they all share a common vibe of quiet productivity; they ooze style and shout professionalism.

For business owners and entrepreneurs they offer a whole new level of collaboration.

While every co-working space is different, one user summed up his experience as “being amongst a community of like-minded, interesting people and businesses, which makes for a much more dynamic environment, and provides strong opportunities for networking and collaboration”.

Flexibility also applies to Generator, a shared workspace operator that’s been in the Auckland market since 2010 and currently has a total of 13,500 square metres of office space under its management.

“Being wholly owned by Precinct Properties since February 2019, the growth potential for our members is huge,” says Generator’s GM John Moffett. “If they grow too large for a site, or decide they want their own space away from Generator – whatever change they need to deal with in their business – we have the means to help them evolve.”

Moffett says they work hard to make their spaces business-friendly. “Business becomes more fun, success comes quicker and you’ll be enabled to do more, better.”

Generator makes those happy ‘collisions’ between members a natural and expected part of daily work-life, he says. “It makes work a place where you can be social if you wish, but also allows members to really get down to business, by not having to focus on day to day office management. In fact, well over half of our businesses have done business with other members.”

He says the Generator reception and concierge team, the tech team and events team are all like extensions of your own business. “So any business – even a one man band – can step up and accept that challenge when it presents itself.

“It also takes some of the risk out of growth. If you need more desks, it’s easy. No need to go buy a heap of office infrastructure.”

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