Published on 31 March 2020

Generator's very own, Hope Jameson (also a Sala fitness instructor) has made some easy 'at home' body weight circuits. Check them out if you're looking for some inspo.

Throughout the lockdown Hope will be going live on our Instagram account with a 30 minute body workout, every Thursday morning at 9am!

Hope's fitness background

Hope has a background as a professional dancer - so health & fitness has always been a high priority. Her fitness career started back in 2016 when she was successful in auditioning to become a Rhythm Ride cycle instructor in Melbourne. Once she started instructing group fitness classes she became hooked on being a part of peoples wellness journeys. Over the following years she became a qualified personal trainer and has experience teaching Cycle, HIIT, Kettlebells, Barre and Dance Cardio classes. She currently teaches at Sala in Ponsonby. Her favourite workout to do would be a HIIT class with plenty of Burpees!

Workout #1: Cardio, Arms & Abs

This class is focusing on raising that heart rate and sculpting that upper body! You will have four blocks of combo sets. Each set has two 1minute exercises. Repeat each combo set so will do each set twice.

Combo sets = 1min work 20sec rest

- Plank ups

- x10 lateral jumps x10 star jumps


- x10 plank shoulder taps x10 plank toe taps

- High knees


- x10 tricep dips x10 pulses

- x10 ice skater x10 tuck jumps


- Push Ups

- Burpees


Ladder abs finisher. Alternate between each movement dropping 2 reps each time with leg raises and always doing double the amount of toe taps.

- Leg raises 10, 8, 6, 4, 2

- Plank toe taps 20, 16, 12, 8, 4

Workout #2: The Booty

This workout is designed to really target those glutes and legs. You will be working in trio sets. Each set has three different movements and you will complete them three times.

1st Set = 40 seconds of work for each movement

2nd Set = 30 seconds of work for each movement

3rd Set = 20 seconds for each movement

You will have no rest into each movement but 20 seconds in between each set and 1 minute break in between each block!

- X2 squats x2 reserve lunges

- Squat jumps

- Sumo squats

1min rest

- Single leg hip thruster right side

- Burpees

- Single leg hip thruster left side

1min rest

- Alternating reverse lunges

- Drop squats

- Frog squats


- 1min wall sit

- 1min squat pulse