Where Can I Recycle The Soft Plastics I’ve Collected?

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You can recycle much more than you thought. Feel guilty when you drop the soft plastics that the council won’t take in the bin? Here’s a list of what you can collect to recycle and a map of where to take it.

They can accept all the following items for recycling:

Reusable carrier shopping bags (100% polypropylene); Carrier Bags; Bread, pasta & rice bags; Fresh produce bags and Netting citrus bags; Frozen food bags (frozen vegetable, fries, burgers, nuggets, poultry etc.); Confectionery wrap and lolly bags; Dairy wrappers; Plastic packaging around toilet paper, kitchen towels, nappies and sanitary products; Courier packs; Newspaper wrap; Chocolate & muesli bar wrappers and Biscuit packets (wrapper only); Silver-lined chip & cracker packets; Squeeze pouches; Sturdy pet food bags; Ice cream wrappers; Cereal box liners; Bubble wrap and large sheets of plastic that furniture comes wrapped in (cut into pieces the size of an A3 sheet of paper first).

So what are you waiting for? Get on your recycle: 1) Buy in brown paper bags – and 2) When you can’t, collect them up and return to these people.

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