Time To Innovate The Christmas Gifts

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Bought all your presents yet? Looking for something so deeply cool that its recipient will be staggered by your sheer awesomeness? Or something so out there they’ll never forget it – or you – ever? We’re here to make that happen. 2018 is the year you and your presents will be remembered.

Driving Innovation

In our last post we identified that distracted driving was pretty serious. This time we have a great gift for reducing driver diversion. VIZR. Using the same technology used by airplane pilots when navigating, VIZR allows you keep your eyes on the road and take advantage of hands-free navigation. It’s easy to setup, requires no installation, works with any vehicle and comes with a FREE iOS or Android App. This is the future of safer driving. Apparently. Or it could conceivably mesmerise you.

If the worst were to happen – what then? Well, Crash Safe offers a 6-in-1 set of safety features, all carefully designed to help you safely handle ‘unexpected incidents’ on the road. Having to cut your seatbelt or break the window seems a tad above an ‘incident’ but it seems like the sort of gadget that’s good to have while you wonder if you’ll ever need it.

If you are in trouble, once you’re out of the car you could use this. The Tac1 Emergency Roadside Disk. It has 15 ultra bright flashy LED’s that can be seen from over 5,000 feet away. It can also cope with being run over by a truck – though you’d have to ask why that would happen if it’s so good at its job. Waterproof, a magnetic base [so you can stick it to the side of the car] and 1,000 hours of lamp life with 13 hours of run time, this puppy could actually be a life saver. Keep it next to your 6-in-1 Crash Safe.


Making the Christmas clean up interesting

We all know our phones are germ farms; most of us cope by not thinking about it. But for the germaphobe in your life, we have Phone SanitizerIt uses UV light to safely and non-toxically sterilize your cell phone, destroying 99.9% of bacteria in just a few minutes. Available in many colours through the company’s website and that river place.

Of course you could get a robot to clean for you. Or, more specifically, the Neato Botvac D7 Connected Robot Vacuum. It’s lightweight, easy to use and gets the job done thanks to artificial intelligence and advanced room mapping technology. This means it can navigate around furniture better and cover more area. Plus you can say you have a robot at home.

And so you never have to clean up the old barbeque again – there’s the all-new GoSun Solar Cooker. Using the power of the sun and an evacuated glass tube that absorbs and converts sunlight to heat, you’ll be able to cook meals at home, or on the go. This one has geek written all over it. So maybe don’t pull it out on a first date.


And now for something else

We promised memorable. Here are some superbly weird gifts you never even knew about. But now you do, how can you possibly live without them?

Glowbowl fresh. The world’s only toilet nightlight with a built-in air freshener. The manufacturers say this remarkable product makes those lonely nighttime bathroom trips fun, all without waking yourself [not sure how this bit works] or others, plus its built-in replaceable air freshener leads you to a ‘great smelling oasis’ – zapping nasty bathroom odors and keeping your bathroom smelling fresh 24/7! And they’re currently doing a ‘buy 2 get 1 free’ deal. We’re probably in for the sheer weirdness of it. Might frighten the littlies though. “It’s alive Mummy!”

For one that really is alive – and this will keep the kiddies quiet – how about the LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox? It combines building, coding and imaginative play, so kids can build wee bots. It comes with a free app to help and kids can build and code five different models. There are 840 LEGO pieces, a LEGO Move Hub, Interactive Motor and a Colour and Distance Sensor. The Move Hub has Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity, two encoded motors and more. It’s available on LEGO’s site as well as through other retailers. That’s more than a Boxing Day’s worth of activity covered.

Or – if the idea of building a bot doesn’t float your festive boat – how about you just buy one. The UBTECH Alpha 1S Robot is designed to provide hours of entertainment, exercise and learning. It can be programmed with Blockly coding within the app to customise your robot’s movements and actions. The robot and app are compatible with PC, iOS and Android, and you can buy the wee technobeast through Amazon. But before you do, you might want to watch the promo vid. It has the potential to be very annoying very quickly.

BakBlade 2.0. Know a man that wants to tame his unruly back hair but just can’t reach around to get it all off. Good news. Now he can shave his back like a boss. And because it’s BakBalde 2.0 – you get two blades, one to shave close, the other to shave really ****ing close. As the ad says, the gift for the refined gentleman.

And finally – for the fluffies. Keep tabs on the dogs or the mogs while you’re out with the Petcube Bites Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser. It has a camera that allows you to keep an eye on the pets while you’re away from home. So far, so not unusual. But this gadget actually lets you talk to them via a two-way, play with them using a laser and then reward them by dispensing treats from afar. Seriously? Well, they’re serious about it. But as any owner that has tried to talk to Flossie via Skype may know – the execution may not be all you hoped for.

Remember – you have just three weeks. Happy shopping.

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