Member Interview: Josip Kulundzic, F5

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What is your role at F5? How long have you been there, and what do you enjoy most about your job?
I am a Manager of third-line engineers at F5 Networks.  I was previously working as a Support Manager at our F5 UK support office.  When I discovered we were opening an office in NZ I jumped at the chance.  I’ve been with F5 since 2005, but here in NZ since 2014 when our new office officially opened – I accepted the job and moved here without ever having visited NZ before, and I love it!

Describe what 2017 means for you and F5 Networks:
We have grown considerably since the Support Office opening in 2014, we are currently 25 staff strong and we will continue to grow in size to help provide 24/7 support coverage to our global customers.

What Generator facilities make things easier for you on a daily basis?
The Generator reception folks make our lives much easier, whether it’s helping us order stationery, catering for events, or helping with other facilities-related things at our Fanshawe Street office. The Generator helpdesk folks also get a special mention for helping us with IT problems and arranging access cards.

What’s a fun fact about yourself?
I speak two languages (English and Croatian), and have lived in three countries (Australia, England, New Zealand).

What passion project are you currently working on?
Currently trying to convert a Lego technic offroader into an RC car.

If we were to find you at Generator’s bar on a Friday, what would you be drinking?
A single malt Whisky.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? How close did you get?
I wanted to be a knight… but it seems I was born in the wrong century.

Who would win a fight between Spiderman and Batman?
Na na na na na na na na Batman!

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