Corporate office solutions

“Instead of thinking outside the box, get rid of the box."
Deepak Chopra

Generate extraordinary possibilities.

The most exciting companies in the world are challenging the idea of the traditional workspace. We have different ways to bring the benefits of the Generator model to your business.

If you are ready for a complete shift to a more efficient, more flexible workspace model, the Generator ecosystem can offer all you will need. Office suite? Full floor? Incubator space? We work to suit you.

Not ready for a wholesale departure but keen to explore the benefits? A corporate membership gives you access to all the perks, plus you can set up off-site team planning sessions, meetings, or workshops as you need them. Each Corporate membership is individually tailored to deliver what you need.


24/7 Access
Office Supplies
Meeting Rooms
Bike Storage
Relax Spaces

Bespoke Pricing

No two companies are alike. Which is why we do not offer cookie cutter solutions; we tailor your plan to your needs. Whether you are a one person start-up or a global HQ, we work out the plan that best suits your business and make it possible to scale up or down, as you need. Fully transparent flexible solution, with as-you-want extras. So you can be as agile as you need to be.

Some of the company you'll keep

Price Comparison

We are not selling square metres. Space is one of the significant costs that your business faces. Now, add the desks, chairs, cost of cabling, internet, printers/copiers, lighting, security, receptionists, kitchens, meeting rooms, equipment, your time arranging all of this, the extra time when it goes wrong or needs replacing…the list goes on.

Our model is based on providing you the complete office as a service package: Bespoke solutions that help you run your business while reducing your total cost of business, and at the same time improving the amenity for you, your teams and your clients. That’s what the Generator model is: flexible office solutions that save you costs and give you time, all wrapped in a gorgeous space.