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Community 101

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Coworking collaboration with BNZ brings Generator to the Garden City

Generator members now have a home away from home in Christchurch, thanks to a partnership with the BNZ.

Community 101 is a stunning new format for banking and business, which includes a coworking space with hotdesks and well-appointed meeting rooms, free wifi, free printing and best of all, free coffee.

Generator has worked closely with the BNZ to establish Community 101 to ensure that it reflects Generator culture you know and love.

We’re delighted that BNZ is showing its leadership in business by becoming the first New Zealand bank to embrace the Generator coworking movement, providing the ideal space for business travellers in a city that is dramatically short of good workspaces.

Community 101 is another great Generator initiative, we hope that you’ll visit the space and make it a vibrant part of our community.


Centrally located

Cafe & Bar

Free coffee from on-site bar


High-speed wifi

Meeting Rooms

Community 101 meeting rooms can be booked for an hour, a day or a week! Meeting rooms are available to Generator members, BNZ customers and the public alike. Just turn up when you are in town and treat it like your own!

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Hot Desks

Community 101 hot desks can be booked for up to three months, or as needed, and aren’t just for Generator members or BNZ customers. Just check in when you’re in town and bring your Christchurch based clients or partners in as required.