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2018 Generator Member Award Winners

By December 10, 2018 No Comments

Congratulations to our 2018 Generator Member Award winners. We love celebrating our members who are doing cool sh*t!

Britomart Place:

People’s Choice Award
Kathryn Sandford, Bluesky Recruitment – always so bright and bubbly and loves to chat to everyone.  Dressed fabulously and always up for a Rose, Kathryn is a much loved part of the Britomart Place Community

Loch Ness Award
Alistair White from Falcon Group aka – Sir Lunchalot.  Alistair can be found out to lunch or playing a round of golf – hard life for some!


Greatest Achievement in Business
Tatau who are dominating the A1 field globally and have taken out 4 x Awards in the last few months.  Follow them on linked in to see the incredible work these guys are producing

Best contribution to the community
 are so involved with all our Britomart Pl members and even gave away 2 x free rides to everyone going to the party on Friday, nice!

Most unprofessional professional
Matt Ryan, Advam.  We say this in a loving way.  Lets just say we love your contribution to our bar Matt!

Stanbeth + Excelsior House

People’s Choice Award: 
Ed McKnight from Hatch – Stanbeth House wouldn’t be the same without him. He’s bubbly, outgoing, a pleasure to be around and has the special ability to bring new members into the fold and make them feel like part of something bigger. We love the energy he brings to the environment and appreciate everything he contributes.

Loch Ness Award: 
Pete Sanford – morning meetings – apparent site visits – ‘breakfasts’ you name it he has an excuse yet never seems to be anything in his diary!?!?

Most Unprofessional Professional:
Sean Walters… need we say more?!? Sean has taken out this award almost every year for the last 7 years!

Greatest Achievement in Business:
HYPR Innovation – Announced this month, HYPR Innovation has been Ranked 46 in the Deloitte Fast50. HYPR Innovation provides support and strategic guidance for Technology Investments, congrats!

Best contribution to the community:
Hatch know how to participate! A great example of what ‘all-rounded’ members are and we love having them as part of our big family. Not only is their work ethic and success super inspiring to be around, but we appreciate the fun, engaging and warm people they have on your team. We have thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the good shit you’ve brought to Generator. We love you!

12 Madden St

Most Unprofessional:
Court Ross, MAXGEN, we’ve all seen him with his tiny green shorts and takeaway whiskeys!

Greatest Achievement in Business:
Digital Commons – having just won a massive contract with Air NZ. Special Mention to Dan Fowlie from Trineo for his nomination for Entrepreneur of the Year.

Loch Ness Award:
SYD the dog, Encrytpt-S, making friends as he wanders through the building! He also got the most nominations for EVERY single category.

People’s Choice Award:
Riaan Schmulian, Blue Ocean Marketing, all round brilliant human!

Biggest Contribution to the community:
NZIA. They contribute to the book share, the fundraising events, run yoga Nedra sessions and all-round brilliant chats.

Special Mention to Sarina Gibbons of SG Consulting,  for all the treats she brings to the Generator team and to Footprint for always getting involved and being super boss women in tech!

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